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Anyone get busted in the latest RIAA whine fest?

    • legend2k sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 okt 2004, 07:15
    nah i only got about 2000 or something now i deleted a lot

    could there be anyone more legendary hahahaha
  • Actually this only applies to bands which are under the RIAA status, hence you're all out of luck because the bands you listen to are sellout fucks.

  • That doesn't include The Beatles then? ;)

  • Re:

    Quoth giveuptheghost:
    That doesn't include The Beatles then? ;)

    Hahaha, luckily no. ;)

  • *cough* Metallica *cough*

    • n00gy sa...
    • Användare
    • 24 okt 2004, 02:44
    New music isn't that great anyhow... People letting other people download songs like "The Reason" and other lame shit like Justin and Spears should be sued anyways.

    Muu or Moo?
  • The RIAA should find something else better to about telling the record companies to put out better mainstream music.

    I love how the RIAA is just losing a battle which they will never win.

    • m0th sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 nov 2004, 05:57
    The RIAA just wants authority over all music in America, and they can't have it anymore and they're bitching about it to everyone who still wants it but doesn't feel like paying money to 5-20 distributors to get it.

    and i use DC++.. it has far more freedom than kazaa lite etc.

  • I use a bunch of software, Azureus, LimeWire, and Soulseek. I use DC++ for hard to find TV shows or movies, but it's usually easier to just use LimeWire or Azureus.

    If any of these programs are 'stupid' to use please let me know :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 11 nov 2004, 07:43

    Scare Tactics, with your host, RIAA

    Quoth zarks:
    They have only sued 5000 people out of millions using P2P so the chances of getting sued are pretty tiny.

    Tinier than that. 5400 is the number of people they have filed suit against and sent subpoenas to, most of which are John Doe suits. Not the number successfully sued and won. In Legalese, you have officially "been sued" when you are served with the paperwork. Not when you lose the suit.

    The suits have been filed, but 99 out of 100 are being settled out of court because the defendants are advised by music industry lawyers to not fight them, to quietly give the RIAA money so they'll be left alone. Extortion. Lunacy, if you consider how well the EFF has been doing defending those people that know better.

    I'd be much more worried about the article that the above article links to:

    Right now sharing music is a civil copyright violation, provided you don't then try to profit monetarily from it. Congress wants to turn it into a criminal violation to casually share songs, when the whole legal basis for intellectual property is ridiculously inconsistent.

    It REALLY is just to scare people. Statistically speaking, nobody is really risking a whole lot, even if they do get subpoenaed.

    Worry about the legislation, not the lawsuits.

    Redigerat av en raderad användare den 11 nov 2004, 07:44
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