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Protester bursts into Leveson Inquiry during Tony Blair evidence

  • Protester bursts into Leveson Inquiry during Tony Blair evidence

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    A protester has been removed from the Leveson Inquiry after bursting into the courtroom and accusing Tony Blair of war crimes. As the man was removed from court, Lord Leveson apologised to Mr Blair for the interruption, and ordered an immediate investigation into how the man got through a 'secure corridor' to disrupt proceedings. Mr Blair went on to deny all allegations made by the protester.

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    28 May 2012 Last updated at 12:45

    What did you think about Blair's comments at the end? Sounded a lot like "not me 'guv I haven't done anything"...

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    • 28 maj 2012, 22:23
    The guy is too rich and respected by people in the Bilderberg group too actually have anything done to him.

    Also not being a British public servant means his income and tax isn't scrutinised anymore even though it's all capitalised from his tenure as Prime Minister.

    The only way you'll see any conviction or admittance of guilt or wrong-doing from Blair would be watching the fictional Blair in "The Trial Of Tony Blair" or the Comic Strip Presents: "The Hunt for Tony Blair" (seems loosely based on the film Sunset Boulevard with Margaret Thatcher as the faded star/ex-PM).

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