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Justin Bieber kidnapped

    • Bloopy sa...
    • Forum Moderator
    • 1 maj 2012, 00:15

    Justin Bieber kidnapped
    Tritar originally saw the life-sized, cardboard Justin Bieber cut-out – valued at $196 – in the Alexandra St shop, advertising his new perfume, and asked staff if she could buy it, the court heard.

    They declined and on April 24 Tritar launched her Bieber-napping operation.


    "He was standing there by the perfume, waiting for me to take him," she said. "He looked happy the whole time, he didn't resist or anything like that, he was quite happy to come with me. It's clearly not theft if he enjoyed it."
    Too bad she didn't get very far!

  • LOL! I'm surprised what a girl can do.

    • dankine sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 maj 2012, 10:21
    if only.

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