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Government investigating MI5 Libyan betrayal spy claim

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    • 22 apr 2012, 12:05

    Government investigating MI5 Libyan betrayal spy claim


    The government has said it will "take seriously" allegations about security services' work with Col Gaddafi's Libya, after fresh allegations emerged.

    The Mail on Sunday claims MI5 betrayed dissidents in London to Libyan spies.

    And The Sunday Telegraph says MI6 and Libyan agents set up a radical mosque in an undisclosed city in Western Europe - to lure al-Qaeda terrorists...

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  • I would love it Tony Blair got jailed alongside Jack Straw for this.

  • Why?

    Because it's in the interest of us to have jailed two people that essentially still work for, and benefit, the country?

    Because you want 'justice'? Or just because you hate ALL POLITICIANS?!?!11

    If it's 'justice' you want, we may as well do away with politics. 'Bad' things happen all the time. Deal with it.

  • If they are responsible for letting these people getting tortured then I would rather they were punished. If they were innocent then they shouldn't. That how justice works. These people we sent to Libya were not threats to us, they were threats to Gaddafi. They were not al-qaeda.

    I do hate most politicians but that is beside the point, if people break the law, then they should be punished, which they may have done.

  • Equating law to 'justice' is kinda ridiculous.

    How can people, that generally seem indifferent or supportive of aiding via missile strikes, etc., suddenly be so against people (people that must of known the risks associated with being in the positions they were) being tortured.

    It's kewl to aid a rebellion, even if that means killing innocents, but totally UNJUST and punishable to hand over a few guys?


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    • 24 apr 2012, 00:58
    I'm surprised Blair hasn't come under closer scrutiny. He's making millions, governments like Kuwait are giving him consultancy fees way above the pay rate, and he's the envoy for the Middle East and barely visits Palestine/Gaza, and rarely at his offices.

    Jet-set life style for the 'deal-in the-desert' war Prime Minister.

    Iraq mark II was just a shambles, collaborating with Gaddafi shows hypocrisy on top of that too.

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