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Sorry, world.

    • lbf sa...
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    • 12 nov 2004, 12:41
    It was a group, that consisted of 12 million people, from different countries. Italy, England, France, Germany, US; I wouldn't call it "the international community" if it was a bunch of people in one place or something.

    Now if you think that's the intenational community, no wonder you also think it's charming but inefficient. Here's a definition of "international community". However, the second point (people of the world) makes no sense in my book, and is inconsistent with the rest of the definition, but I digress.

    Your point about the Great Depression is quite unclear. Just because Black Thursday is usually regarded as the trigger, it makes no sense to claim that it caused the following years of economic turmoil in the US, let alone in the world.
    I'll give another example: Americans may believe that the war in Iraq causes oil prices to soar (around $50 these days). This is what it looks like to an American. However, only a superficial and short-termist view could lead to such a conclusion. Oil prices are soaring because demand is soaring, because India and China and other emerging countries need oil.

    I'm so adjective, I verb nouns.
    What demon possessed me that I behaved so well? - H.D. Thoreau, Walden
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    • 30 nov 2004, 17:58

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