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    • rwitte sa...
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    • 14 aug 2011, 11:21 radio you could stream similar tracks based on a particular song +1. The playlist exists already, and if you can be bothered you can use the mass tagger to make it into a tag radio. in the VIP playground it would be better if you could save the images generated by some of the features The stuff in the playground are prototypes rather than 'production-standard'. If you like some and want to encourage further development try the playground groupto add certain images and things to their about me boxThe about me box is formatted with bbcode formatting help, also see bbcode brigade. Many people post their images with a link, so if you click on them, you get to the generating site. If all else fails, pm or shout the user concerned to ask.

  • I would subscribe the very second a name change feature appeared. Alternatively you could add it as a single paid service.

    EDIT: I just noticed this in the sticky, but since I can't delete the post I'll just pretend it was a reminder!

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    • 24 aug 2011, 21:38

    What the H*** Good is.........

    this service. Used to play full songs. Now I get about 15 seconds per song and it,....well,'s good fer nuthin!

  • Fees

    I am new to last fm signed up immediately because of the quality of the "FREE" content that I preferred more than Pandora. I got it on my iPhone and was blown away. Now you want to us to pay for full access on our smart phones, a service that is free online? You know that most of your users are strictly smart phone users. That doesn't make much since. Its kind of like you guys are taking advantage of us. Going from free to fee. Get rid of the fee. I mean have you read the reviews on iTunes? You have a 2 star rating over all from nearly a thousand users saying that they will delete the service and app and will not pay! This should tell you something. But if the fee must exist it at a very good price. but Paypal has always been a hassle, always will be. I wouldn't mind paying if you accepted credit cards, visa, etc. Just anything except paypal. Hopefully you guys will realize that free will make everyone happy. You are much better than Pandora but until you fix these problems I will still be a Pandora user, sorry.

  • Obscurity Dial

    I am enjoying last fm extensively and am interested in becoming a subscriber so I can listen on my iPhone, but one thing that I have noticed is that last fm tends to play the most obvious, well-known material by some of my favorite artists; songs that many of us have heard hundreds of times, rather than more obscure gems that big fans like myself would rather hear.

    I'm not sure whether this should be a subscriber-only feature, but it would be great to have an "Obscurity Dial" (or whatever you'd rather call it) that would make it possible to hear "deeper tracks" from certain artists that users are highly familiar with, while hearing more obvious selections from artists that are new to users. That way, I wouldn't have to hear "You Really Got Me" from The Kinks for the 937th time, but could gladly enjoy "Ancient Voices of Children" from George Crumb for the 4th or 5th time.

    Burnley Vest
    • rwitte sa...
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    • 6 sep 2011, 09:45
    @burnleyvest - It is unofficial, but you have access to's internal obscurity dial at It is a slider on the right labelled 'mainstream:' (so low is more obscure and high is less obscure).

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    • 16 sep 2011, 05:50 ideas.

    I'm a big fan of and scrobble all my songs from my local MP3 library.

    It would really be great to either make the scrobbler a more robust player/streamer for subscribers. Right now if I'm using the scrobbler to play music, there's no equaliser, no crossfading, and it really doesn't feel like something I'd want to use regularly... so I don't... and after two months of not using once due to the above reasons and the fact that a lot of songs are repeated when playing music (no, not due to too specific genre/tags), I just cancelled my subscription.

    I won't be seeing the need to subscribe (again) until:

    1. The Scrobbler is made into a more robust/feature rich player
    2. There's more control and variety in the songs played within a genre/tag.
    3. The option is given for higher stream quality - currently it doesn't cut it.
    4. There's some feeling of "bang for my buck"... I'd even pay more! lol
    5. How about partnering up with the guys from :)

    All that said, thank you to the team for all the hard work and hours that have gone in already!

  • How about a more "in depth" recent visitors section? Like instead of just the last 6 people who have plundered upon your profile to actually having a good look at who has been looking at your profile, and when.

    Such a paid service is available on LiveJournal, for slightly cheaper, too (£2 for 2 months vs £3 for 1 month, granted they are entirely different sites, with different features, heh.)

    • headey sa...
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    • 20 sep 2011, 13:50

    "No Repeats"

    A "No Repeats This Session" option.

    maybe followed by
    "No Repeats This Week"
    "No Repeats This Month"
    "No Repeats This n Months"

    Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein
    -but how boring life would be

    headey cocktail
    • juepucta sa...
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    • 20 sep 2011, 19:12
    I'm with you all.

    I think if they make multi input radio more open, say, "type 3 artists or 3 tags to start" and that allowed to use google-type inputting (boolean?) say artists "queen, beatles, -yanni" so that the particular radio station i'm creating plays NO yanni. Or tags "rock, italian, -rap". You get the idea.

    This may help with some of the requests above.


  • ^^^Actually, this feature is already implemented, but hidden. You can access it via tburny's combofm page:

    Here are the stations in your example (click to launch)

    Queen + Beatles -yanni

    rock + italian - rap

    My favourite is to play combinations of friends libraries, or use a tag like "female vocalists" to filter a genre (e.g. jazz AND female vocalists). Or you can use filters to effectively ban artists e.g. My Neighbourhood radio NOT Lady Gaga, etc.

    As previously mentioned, you can also adjust the repetition rates and mainstream/obscurity levels as well.

    w you want to us to pay for full access on our smart phones, a service that is free online? offers a free for listeners, advert supported radio service on the website for users in UK, US, and Germany. However, unfortunately it is currently not possible for us to offer an advert supported free radio service on our mobile applications right now, and therefore we have to charge a small monthly fee to cover license fees. This money also goes towards paying artist and label royalties.

    For more information, please read the following:

    • juepucta sa...
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    • 23 sep 2011, 00:29
    Maddieman, thanks for the help. I noticed a lot of your replies in the last 36 hrs and trying to help the community.


    Some features/tweaks have been requested for half a decade now. Pointing out that third party sites exist is a copout. I shouldn't have to visit other site or install greasemonkey stuff to get Last to fulfil its potential.

    It's like you buying a Kia and me telling you that is just like a Porsche. Only you have to glue on a lot of aftermarket stuff on it. And even then, it's not going to be a Porsche.

    Again, love Last (otherwise wouldn't be here using it, and replying to threads like this) but come on.


    • juepucta sa...
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    • 23 sep 2011, 07:56

    Spotify now has radio (or at least i noticed to day - i'm in the US) and Facebook has now even more integration with Spotify, oncluding a 'now listening' thing as part of the main feed (starting today/Thurs after F8).

    You'll tell me 'well Xyz or Abc third party service does that for Last accounts within the FB environment'! Which is basically the problem i'm describing.

    How about Last designs a proper FB app? Instead i think they had two absolute crap ones that are now dead.

    Tweekly, a third party app, saves the day. There are a handful of other cases like that. But Last, officially, is nowhere to be seen.

    Again, love you guys - but continue on this path and they'll kill you.


  • Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry, I can't officially comment on F8, Facebook, or Spotify.

    >>> Pointing out that third party sites exist is a copout

    I get what you're saying and agree with you in part, but perhaps I need to clarify a few points. uses our RQL (radio query language), which is currently a hidden/prototype radio feature. There's an excellent chance this will be further developed into a fully fledged feature as part of our service on the site, but as it currently stands, today, it remains a hidden (and until recently staff-only) prototype.

    With our support and encouragement, but mostly down to his hard work and dedication, one of our moderators tburny has created an excellent web interface for it. It translates our radio query language into a playable urls.

    We are 100% behind this and I spent a lot of time outside of work doing QA and testing on combofm to make sure it was as a good as it could possibly be before putting it on build. Why? Because I think it's awesome and more people should be aware of it. But, if it helps, consider it a sneak preview/alpha.

    Furthermore, I must stress, part of what makes is holding on to our geek identity, and supporting upcoming coders in our community.'s culture revolves around user-made hacks and homebrew development. Our own developers are encouraged to work on unofficial small projects and attend the regular music hack days around the world. That's why we have build, the playground, and talk about geeky music tech stuff in our blog. This is a company where it's not unusual to hear a sonic screwdriver whirring in the background, or find a nerf gun rigged up remote control (I speak from painful experience).

    You mentioned Tweekly - we actually had Scott Wilcox in our office a couple of months ago. Great guy - we gave him a tour around the office, chatted about tweekly, gave him some swag, and thanked him for his hard work. In fact, you might not know this, but actually runs off our servers.

    You're probably right that we need to fill these gaps ourselves in an official capacity - but that's not quite as simple as a developer just building it one morning. Major product features have to be properly broken down, prioritised, budgeted, designed, developed, QA'd, and go through several internal alpha and beta phases before user testing, and eventual deployment. A recent example would be the Friends Finder facebook integration we launched. It might seem like a simple thing, but that was a huge project,and we're still tuning it. Also, we're currently looking for new developers - if you really want to take a direct part in improving, I would invite you to take a look at our job listings.

    The reason I mentioned combofm is because it's available now and it does what people are asking for. That's all. I'm going to tell the relevant teams (MIR and product) that repetition and station diversity is still an issue, and hopefully they'll priortise that. But I just figured some folks would want to try out combofm out in the meantime. It would actually benefit everyone, since we'd get some kind of alpha feedback on RQL radio before it's developed into an official (potentially subscriber only) product.

    • juepucta sa...
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    • 23 sep 2011, 22:03
    Thanks for the reply.

    I understand, and i'm with you - again, wouldn't have replied if i didn't care for

    But i thought i'd point out the perception issue that, if you don't already have, might be brewing.

    Again, thank you very much for replying.


    • snyde1 sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 24 sep 2011, 04:48
    While tburny's done a lot of laudable work with, and I use it (and endorse it - try it, those of you who haven't), it could not do its wonders without the RQL radio that staffers wrote. (Hey Norman!)

    (I presume that is the 3rd party thing you're whinging about.)

    Improve your view of - add some User Scripts.
    Did I hear that right? Mondegreens - for the misheard word. Like Odds? Can't get better than Even Odds!

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  • This has been beat to death, but I would really love it if we could change our usernames.

  • It would be cool if your radio showed whether the track playing was in one of your playlists,maybe even which one.. Cheers.

    • rwitte sa...
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    • 29 sep 2011, 21:34
    FlutteringPetal said:
    It would be cool if your radio showed whether the track playing was in one of your playlists,maybe even which one.. Cheers.


    • BOMZAY sa...
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    • 30 sep 2011, 06:56

    I've never told what I didn't like.

    So I've never told what I didn't like.

    But, God is my witness, I will do it here.
    First of all - At one moment in my life, I had to choose - to pay or not to pay. I chose - to pay.
    Secondly - I didn't like, when half of my stations were suddenly UNAVALIABLE. Yes, that's right, half of my playlist vanished.
    After that came the cancellation of loved tracks station.

    And there I am - listening to the same stations over and over again. I can't listen to my loved songs, then why the F should i create such station.

    If I start listening to a tag "folk rock", in time I am somehow redirected to german oktoberfest pop-folk-rock. Srsly - wtf?!? AAAAAND! it is, if the seession isn't cancelled after 10 songs, because there are no more artists with such tag.

    How much was the subscription? 2,50? Well, I don't remember, because it was recurring. And I am too lazy to cancel the recurring payments for memberships.

    But at this time, I went to my paypal profile, searched how to cancel them and cancelled it. because I will rather buy ice cream than pay for this, at this point with accuradio in the game, worthless product.

    So there YOU have - You have done EVERYTHING to destroy this, at the start, awesome product. In a way - I feel sorry for You.

    Goodbye, you WILL be forgotten.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 3 okt 2011, 05:16
    I have a new suggestion:

    ~ Subscribers users being able to import all their plays (by iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc) each 6 months (or even once a year..!), not only when the user is/was new at

    For example: I had all my previous plays imported to my profile when I was a new user. But, until today, I played muuuuuch more, without connecting my scrobble. (in iPhone when I wasn´t at home, specially)

    I could import all of them to my iTunes´ library, but I can´t import them all to my profile.

    It would be very interesting if we could have our profile´s library complete! (even if they wouldn´t appear in "Recently listened tracks", it definitely wouldn´t be a problem in my opinion^^)

    Thank you for reading! :) I hope you like my suggestion/if it will be possible in the future..!

  • Playing playlists

    I would like to be able to play my playlist or orient a radio specifically to my loved tracks, I like a variety of music but only certain songs, these radio stations keep trying to orient to one genre or something similar to a specific band, is there a way to better specify what I enjoy hearing and I'm just not getting it?
    I feel like a noob.

    • headey sa...
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    • 11 okt 2011, 09:50

    Re: Playing playlists

    killjoynervosa said:
    I would like to be able to play my playlist or orient a radio specifically to my loved tracks,
    If you've some time to spare you could make your own mini tag radios?
    see mass tagging or tag individual tracks
    and see Tag Rescue Project

    Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein
    -but how boring life would be

    headey cocktail
  • Is there any way to block someone from seeing your profile? I have this person that lurks me 24/7 and never leaves a shout, always gets me annoyed.

  • Honestly, for me, the only thing missing is on demand music. And I would gladly play $10 - $15 a month for the ability to have on demand music both on my PC and Mobile given all of's other already present features. I've been tempted by Spotify recently, but they lack tags, and I love listening to tag radios, and they lack some of the wonderfully more obscure radio stations I listen to because of that. If had on demand music, and on demand on my mobile in particular, it would be the best of all my streaming worlds.

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