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Friend Finder based On Music Compatiblity & Local Search!

  • Friend Finder based On Music Compatiblity & Local Search!


    I Think That Would Be Great If Had A Member Search With The Options Of Sorting By Musical Compatiblities & Locality !!!!

    This Idea Came To My Mind That I,m An Ambient Fan & Trance Fan & These Are Genres That Have Very Very Very Fwe Listeners In My Country and I Would Love To Expand My Musical Friends And The best way for this could be friend finder based on Musical Tastes In Common!!!!

    and besides I Love To Find A Girl In A Musical Taste Near Me for making a relationship And For this Case Friendfinder based on Musical Taste Is The Best Choice

    Please Consider It.

    Geniuse is in simpleness-Mozart

    Mozart Is The Best Composer.Beethoven Is Great.
    Bach Drags Music Straight From Heaven.
    Tiesto Is Such a hell of a DJ.He Rocks
    Solar Fields Takes You To Ouuter Space
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