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scrobble from mp3-player?

  • scrobble from mp3-player?

    I think it sucks that it seems like there is no possibility to scrobble from a normal mp3 player. there are some that enable scrobbling, but I for instance use a Samsung K5 (love it, btw), but it seems like you can't scrobble the tracks you listen to.
    Well, I'm not sure to what extent the firmware counts your song plays, but I could swear it does because if I turn on shuffle mode, all the songs that I ALWAYS listen to are played.

    what do you think about that topic? do you have a possibility to scrobble? do you wish for one? or do you think everyone should just get an iPod? :D (which I won't, btw, because I don't like iPods.)

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  • Creative Zen too?

    I agree - it'd be great if there were other mp3 players that would scrobble. I don't how much of this is down to the manufacturer/individual mp3 player, or whether it's something could work up if there was enough demand?
    I've got a Creative Zen currently, and although I believe it counts and records the listening stats I don't know of any way to scrobble it currently.
    I don't mind ipods as such, it's more itunes and all their file types I'm not a fan of. Scrobbling-wise, currently I just try to remember all the stuff I've listened to on my mp3, and add it to a playlist which I just leave playing at work. Can't remember if I listen on random though!
    If there's any extra mp3 scrobblers out there it'd be great to know.

  • I have a Creative Zen Vision:M and I use a program called Zenses to scrobble mine, And it works....


    ill do it sometime
  • cool - I'll give that a go. Cheers

  • Im using a Sansa Fuze and can't find anything to scrobble from it... help!

    • Dr4veN sa...
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    • 3 feb 2009, 20:49


    Am gonna try zenses with my Philips gogear!!!... I just hope it works!!!!

  • Yh, i'm using a Sansa Fuze and i take it all mp3 players would have to have a different thing or w.e to able it to scrobble ¬_¬

    should be able to have like a file which can be put on any mp3 player and just records what u listen to then like plug it into ur computer like media player and then it uploads from there or something..

  • That would be great, the only reason I have an iPod is because it scrobbles and has a large memory.

    Anyone know the best MP3 to get for these qualities?

  • argg!

    I do most of my listening on my Samsung T10 MP3 but i want it to scrobble with so it can recomend me other stuff to listen to does anyone know what program i can use? Thanks!

    • xTiAmox sa...
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    • 9 jun 2009, 17:17
    I have a sony mp3 player and there doesn't seem to be anything for mine either :(

    • Flowist sa...
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    • 11 jun 2009, 16:14
    ipod nano 2 is the best.

  • couple of points: if you want to scrobble in real time, (apologies if this is too obvious) the mp3 player needs to have some online functionality - a way to connect to servers and update your profile.
    if you're happy with a way to upload a file after listening to songs, like DannayDoe says, it would be possible for people to open the file and edit its contents, then upload false information. even if it's encrypted, it wouldn't take a genius to get around it.

    i agree it would be brilliant to have a portable, online device, even if there are technical challenges. i really miss it when i'm in work.

    • bartasys sa...
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    • 13 jun 2009, 22:44
    LOL its rather impossible to scrobble from any mp3 player if it doenst connect with the internet. I also think that it wouldn`t have been invented.


  • I wish the zen COULD scrobble, my OS on mine is so tacky that the play count increases each time you unpause =P

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 13 okt 2009, 15:35
    i have a phillips gogear and i dunno how scrobb, the main time i don't listen music in PC, i dont wanna buy and Ipod, help me

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  • People with a Zen CAN scrobble with the Zenses software. Just google Zenses and invest a little time to find out how.

    Sansa Fuze users can scrobble if they own the first version of the device and if they install Rockbox on their device. You can check whether you have the first version if you look in the player's menu under Setting->Info. If you firmware version starts with 01.xx.xx you can run Rockbox. (

    ATM it doesn't support USB, which means that you'll need to put your files on it with the original firmware which you'll still be able to boot, but hopefully the developers of Rockbox will put in the extra work to make it 100% compatible.

    Obviously as some you of you pointed out this isn't scrobbling in real time as the players aren't connected to the Internet, but if you scrobble this way your track will still show up in your statistics, and that's the important part isn't it?

    There's no way to just install "a file" to enable scrobbling. The process is more complicated.

    Generally you should find out if your device can run Rockbox. It has a lot of features other than scrobbling tracks.

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  • Sony NW-A806 (mp3 player)


    I need your help! Someone can tell me if can do scrobbling with this mp3 player? (SONY NW-A806)

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Cool

    I wish i had an ipod btw i wont get one anytime soon x] so i think i might try it on my mp3 play i dont have anything to loose...

    • asd951 sa...
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    • 23 dec 2009, 09:26



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    • gorski_ sa...
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    • 18 jan 2010, 20:57
    Mine is philips

    rockbox doesnt support philips

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