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Songza app and scrobbling songs

  • Songza app and scrobbling songs

    I was wondering if there's a possibility that and Songza would team up and make Songza scrobble? i really like using that app and I think it would be a fantastic idea!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 20 jun 2012, 23:11
    I agree

    • tox82max sa...
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    • 23 jun 2012, 15:34



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    • paulbd sa...
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    • 14 jul 2012, 16:46


    Just started using the app. Would be awesome if I could get some scrobbles out of it.

  • DO IT!

    I agree. I just found out about Songza and scrobbling would make life wonderful. :)

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    • gabe9872 sa...
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    • 16 apr 2013, 04:14

    make this ish happen

    I love both of your services and combining forces would be great!

    • elachime sa...
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    • 22 apr 2013, 11:49


    i ve been using Scrobbler Chrome extension, its developer should add support for Songza in comming weeks, but just now i ve found, chrome/safari extension that supports scrobbling from Songza!! Enjoy!


    • snyde1 sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 27 apr 2013, 02:03
    Thanks. I am.

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  • songza scroblr

    does this scroblr exist for firefox at all?
    or anything new for songza scrobbling?

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  • Re: songza scroblr

    emptyopen said:
    does this scroblr exist for firefox at all?
    or anything new for songza scrobbling?

    I would say foxyscrobbler , it supports many sites including songza as said. But it sometimes lose its work.

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