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  • Hadoop and

    The Hadoop book by Tom White includes a section on in the case studies he presents. (Chapter 16 in )

    I was just wondering if there is any additional information anywhere about how is using Hadoop?

    I am teaching an undergraduate class in Hadoop programming (using the White text) and would like to include and Hadoop as a case study, so some additional material would be helpful.

    Any hints or suggestions?



  • About all I've been able to find is the material in Chapter 16 of the Hadoop book by Tom White, and the following slide presentation...

    Anything else out there?


  • @duluthted

    I co-wrote the chapter you are referring to so can help you out with more information. At we are still actively using Hadoop and growing our cluster and doing more things with it. Most of us working with Hadoop are members of the UK Hadoop User Group ( and we sometimes give talks there on Hadoop and related technologies. At the most recent meet up we gave a presentation on how we use Hive at for data analysis and mining (see Our blog ( also has technology related blog posts when we do something big and interesting that we think would be beneficial to share with the rest of the world.

    If you would like some more specific information or would like to share ideas about using a Hadoop case study in your educational material send me a PM.

  • @massdosage

    Thanks! It's nice to put a ... face ... with the name in the text. :) I'll drop you a note.


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