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Scrobbling Ampersands

  • Scrobbling Ampersands


    I've a problem scrobbling artists with ampersands in their name. The behaviour is as follows:

    if I replace & with %26 it scrobbles fine, doesn't come back as corrected, but the track name appears as 'Bob %26 Jim' on the website.

    If I replace & with %2526 I get the same thing - scrobbled fine, but the name appears as 'Bob %2526 Jim' .

    If I replace & with & I can't seem to get valid signature.

    If I replace & with 'and' autocorrect kicks in, everything is fine, but that doesn't seem terribly elegant.

    So how do you encode & when scrobbling so everything works correctly?



  • In case you were reading this looking for the answer, I worked it out.

    You must not URL encode the artist name in the signature.

    • rfruth11 sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 feb 2012, 20:28
    was wondering about high order ascii, tnx !

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