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Best of 2011 Data Download

    • Omar711 sa...
    • Alumni
    • 16 jan 2012, 11:55

    Best of 2011 Data Download

    Hi all,

    Best of 2011 came with a data download, containing the top 1000 artists and the top 1000 new discoveries last year.

    As I mentioned in my blog post, we'd love to hear about what you have planned and what you get done with it. So let us know here!

    Also get in touch if you've any questions about the data.



    • JRoar sa...
    • Alumni
    • 17 jan 2012, 21:07
    I haven't come up with something cool to build, yet, but if you have and you want to use Java, I have uploaded an example on how to read to the bestof XML dataset with the java-bindings api:

    happy hacking

    • Sophy01 sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 jan 2012, 09:07



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