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Scrobbling and classical music

  • Scrobbling and classical music


    Lately I'm into classical music but srobbling doesn't seems to work when I play classical music. Anyone know how I can solve this little problem?

  • doesn't know which tracks are classical and which aren't so there are principally no reasons why it shouldn't work.

    Make sure the ID3 tags of your music files are correct.

  • Is there a guidline to how your ID3 tags should look for Classical music?

    For instance should the opus number go in with the track name, so different composers' movements don't register as the same track?

    Who would we address issues like this?

    • percy74 sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 jul 2011, 23:15
    This is the best place to start: (prepare yourself for a lot of reading!). These are the guidelines tries to stick to.

    However, even MusicBrainz hasn't figured it all out yet. It's obvious that classical works were not given much consideration when ID3 containers were developed, which often results in very messy tags, and there are many cases which are open to different interpretations as to how they should be tagged.

    • reagan0 sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 jul 2011, 00:14
    I'm an album oriented kinda guy, so I usually defer to the album label for the song title. But, if the album already exists in the database (which is actually rare), and the song titles are reasonable, I'm willing to use what's already there. That usually means searching for the album and/or the songs, before playing any classical music.

    Seems more planning is involved when scrobbling classical.

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