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Tag issue

  • Tag issue

    Certain tracks I play just wont seem to submit to my account. I checked the Log and got this:

    6710.67201/15/2006 20:12:30CScrobbler::OnTrackPlayCouldn't determine song info - check file is tagged. Song will not be submitted

    So anyway I checked the Tags for the tracks and they all seemed fine. I even tried that MusicBrainz thing and updated them again, but still the songs wont submit.

    So anyway, I did search through the forums before posting (hence using Musicbrainz) but the problem still remains. Any help would be appreciated.

  • what kind of files are you playing? i remember that my winamp had some troubles with sending info about non-mp3s... despite they were properly tagged.

    or, some weird version of id3tag in mp3s could make troubles... (but that's what i've heard only, i haven't seen this problem myself.)

  • The ones that dont submit are .wav files, but all my other .wav files submit :S

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