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Neighbors not being calculated

  • Neighbors not being calculated

    Even though neighbors are supposed to be calculated every Sunday (I think) and after around 300 tracks being played, I've played almost 3 times that many and I never got any neighbors. T_T 2 Sundays have passed where I've had 300+ tracks in my profile, too. Should I just wait around some more, or what?

    • antiphon sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 jan 2006, 03:27
    Quoth Russ:
    You don't need 50 different artists, or 150 different tracks, or 3800 different species of rare Peruvian dormouse. None of these things will help you, because it's broken.


    Quoth Russ:
    We should have it running again next week.

    in this thread. Sorry, Russ, if that second bit turns out to be horribly out of context.

    (It's personal weekly artist charts that're currently generated every Sunday, btw)

  • Ah.

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