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When will the account purging be performed?

  • When will the account purging be performed?

    I read in a thread ( that account purging will be performed eventually. When is that?

    The reason I ask is of course that I want a name that's occupied by someone that have never used their account since its creation over a year ago. I know I can't transfer my current account but that's fine. Not being able to keep data from current account is a small price to get the name I want.

    I actually decided to create a new account, but guess what: the other name I intended to take was also already occupied by someone that registered a year ago and haven't listened to any songs or touched their account in anyway.

    Gotta say that I really appreciate the possibility to delete an account though, thumbs up for that.

    • Borgasm sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 jan 2006, 09:27
    I nominate my old account Boogs to be the first to go.

    Quoth Feanor:
    Ah borgasm. He tries so hard to be the token asshole on the forum, except he's not here often enough so rather than making people angry he makes them laugh at him instead.

    A treat for people who are named Michael
    • muz sa...
    • Alumni
    • 3 jan 2006, 09:32
    Any accounts with at least 1 play or 1 post will not be deleted was the last I heard on this...

    • lozzd sa...
    • Alumni
    • 3 jan 2006, 10:48


    Quoth Borgasm:
    I nominate my old account Boogs to be the first to go.

    Why don't you just delete it yourself then?

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    Insert disclaimer here.
    • muz sa...
    • Alumni
    • 3 jan 2006, 11:37
    He claimed to have forgotten the password in another thread, long long ago...

  • I understand that accounts with 1 played song or forum post won't be deleted.

    Do you think the developers will announce beforehand when they plan to purge?

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