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Album not scrobbling

  • Album not scrobbling

    I was just wondering why Leonard Cohen's album Various Positions never registers in my library? I mean the tracks scrobble okay but the artwork never shows and the album title is completely absent from my library. I assume it's some issue with the title (maybe thinks it's a compilation?) but it's kinda annoying that it doesn't show at all.

    Lots of other people have complained in the album's shoutbox

    Thanks staff for your help!

  • It looks like the Album ID3 tag might be empty on the music files you are listening to. Does the album show correctly in the desktop app?

  • It's all correctly tagged in my iTunes and I've also tried playing it through Spotify and it still doesn't register as having played that album.

    And yes, the album art displays on the desktop app while I'm playing it, it's just once the tracks have scrobbled the information disappears and the artwork doesn't display.
    Any idea why?

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    • 4 jun 2012, 03:46
    I also have this problem. Electro Team has a track featured on a compilation album "Moja Domovina" and my library just doesn't show it, even though the track is scrobbled and has correctly edited tags.

  • same here, all tracks tagged correctly and you can't see the album up there:

    maybe because it's a new album title but for years new albums used to get added to one's library at once.

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