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Undoing a reset - all the scrobbles are still in there somewhere!

  • Undoing a reset - all the scrobbles are still in there somewhere!

    A long time ago I reset my account (very stupid I know) and I regretted it almost instantly. I've been looking for a long time now for a way that I could possibly undo my stupidity but to no avail.

    But now I've stumbled on to this:

    When searching my friends for who has listened to certain artists the most, here:

    I found that my username shows up along with the number of ALL of my scrobbles since day one (for example my profile page states that I have only listened to Bob Dylan 426 times, a quick search on the link above and it says I have listened to him 2640 times!)

    So, basically, my point is this: Obviously all the data is still in there somewhere, surely there must be a way to undo a reset?!

    Any ideas

    • Babs_05 sa...
    • Moderator
    • 29 maj 2012, 00:58
    I'm not staff, so hands up, this is a best guess, but from what I understand, there's a difference between data that's attributed to specific accounts and data that's out there on the rest of the site, as in I think it goes one way and once you break the connection between you and your data, it's not possible right now to restore. (maybe staff can correct me if I'm wrong) Also, I found a bug on friends that listen to which I reported to staff last week, so if you see those figures change, you'll understand why.

    Sorry about that. But I like the way you're thinking, if that's any consolation.

  • I seem to remember a few years back at the time of the last major site upgrading there was the opportunity to have previously reset accounts restored, so my guess is that it can be done but don't have the resources to do it.

  • The data that remains on the site after an account reset is cached, and therefore could disappear as soon as it falls out of cache. This means we can't reliably pull this information to restore an account reset from this source (the friends listened service).

    I'm very sorry, however what may work (it's not supported, so not guaranteed to work) is attempting to re-import your plays:

    Can I import all my previous plays from my media player when creating a new profile?

  • Oh well, never mind!

    Thanks for the info anyway, I'll maybe give that re-importing a go.

    Thanks again!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 maj 2012, 09:32
    if you just deleted them you can restore them with
    but if you did a reset it is not possible

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