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Nada nothing no Zoé

  • Nada nothing no Zoé

    I'm listening to Zoé via Spotify and this gets auto-corrected from Zoe to Zoé that's fine. However the songs are not added to my library, scrobbles stay at 0 plays! Even if on my profile page they are listed as songs I've listened to?

    I had a look under and there they seem to land. Looks like some kind of redirect / auto-correct error.

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  • Although the tracks are already corrected e.g. Reptilectric neither the artist, nor album are corrected. We can't correct ZOE > Zoé as there are separate names, and as you may be aware we don't do album corrections yet. As a result the scrobbles are attributed to the incorrect album artist.

    Once we can do album corrections, we should be able to retroactively fix this in your library.

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