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One of my fav bands never appeared on the stations

  • One of my fav bands never appeared on the stations


    When I registered, I noted In Flames as one of the artists I like.
    It's ridiculous, but since then it never appeared here (on any station). I tried different tags, combinations of similar artists, even using my library — no effect. Like it doesn't exist in the database.
    So, I'd like it to be fixed or explained.

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  • It looks like we only have one streamable album for In Flames, so try adding Sounds of a Playground Fading to your library.

    • headey sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 maj 2012, 11:23
    I know in the UK one of their tracks played for me on the tag “
    also on this generated radio
    lastfm://rql/dGFnOiItLS0yMmZoIiBhbmQgdGFnOiJtZXRhbCI= (scrobbler)
    ...only one track but it might be worth a try.'s+Dance

    Actually this track doesn't show the the play icon so it shows you can never tell.

    Sometimes mix radio plays extra unheard tracks.

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