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Top Artists Charts For the Last 7 Days Are WRONG!

  • Top Artists Charts For the Last 7 Days Are WRONG!

    Last night I was checking out my most played artists of the week & right at number two was Florence + The Machine with 155 plays. I barely played Florence 20 times, what's with the additional 100+ plays?! I'm also sure I didn't play the Arctic Monkeys 200+ times either. Is going to fix these issues? It's sorta bugging me, I'm kinda OCD about these things.

  • It seems every play you did of certain songs was actually scrobbled multiple times. Do you remember what you used to scrobble this?

  • I used the scrobbler & it was scrobbling from iTunes.

  • Do you scrobble an iPod as well? If so, please check this FAQ, and let us know if it helps: When listening to my manual iPod via iTunes, the tracks get scrobbled twice.

  • Yes sometimes I scrobble my iPod but I'm pretty sure I've never listened to Florence on it during the last week, only on my PC. I'll apply the changes to see if anything happens.

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