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"Not Enough Content" Message

  • "Not Enough Content" Message

    HELP!!! My "Library Radio" consists of almost 100 songs and 20-30 different artists, yet it plays only a few songs (10 or so) before "there is not enough playable content" message comes up!! Why is that?? The pop-up forum states it needs only 50 songs and 15 different artists!

  • Please note that this is only the absolute barest minimum and it also only works for songs that are actually playable on (those with the symbol). Also there could be some additional licensing restriction, which eg prevents songs by a single artist to be played too often within a short amount of time.

    Long story short: before the library radio really works well it should be (much) bigger than 100 songs by 20-30 artists.

    How about you try one of the other radio stations in the meantime?

  • STILL getting "Not Enough Content" Message!!!!

    The frustration continues!! OK, I now have more than 200 songs in my Library (with at least 90 "playables") and 60+ artists, and it STILL won't play!! After a very few songs, the radio shuts off and the message reappears. I have spent waaaaay too much time creating these Playlists that won't play! Please, please, correct this problem asap.

    • Babs_05 sa...
    • Moderator
    • 21 maj 2012, 23:21
    It might be an idea to try your Mix radio, you'll see the option amongst the list of radios to choose from. It plays from your Library, your Loved tracks, Recommended and especially, looks for tracks by artists in your Library that haven't played yet. It's a broader scope, you can skip or ban anything you don't like, and you should have a better listening experience.

    That said, do add more artists for longer radio play, and also, try not to rely on just the one or two radios and do explore. Try the smaller tag radios, e.g. on this page I'd go for mississippi and swing, but that's my taste. Browse tag pages for your favourite artists to see what tags have been applied. Once again, if the tag radio is small, it will cut out, for the reason explained above.

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