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Any Station Besides Recommended Does Not Load

  • Any Station Besides Recommended Does Not Load

    For the past couple of weeks, any time I try to create a new station, it either gets stuck replaying the logo, or just doesn't even load up the player at all. Sometimes, stations I created before this problem occurred work, and the Recommended Radio always works, so clearly this is not an issue with Flash Player or my browser (both of which are up to date and powered by Chrome). The same problem is also experienced by the desktop client. Since both of those solutions seem to be the only suggestions offered (I have looked through numerous related cases), I am hoping to see a more appropriate and tangible response to this. I wholeheartedly enjoy this service and its (normally) impeccable service, but the support is incredibly lacking in all areas. Please, please prove me wrong and resolve this issue from one of your devoted followers.



    • Babs_05 sa...
    • Moderator
    • 12 maj 2012, 20:34
    Staff are back on Monday. In the meantime, that does sound strange that only one radio works. Are there any error messages anywhere?

    Here's the troubleshooting guide for the web player. What can I do if the music player on the site doesn’t work at all for me? If it's not Flash, it could be Javascript. I know you said both the web player and the client are affected, maybe if we focus on one, it will fix both.

    See how you go and please report back here. If this doesn't help, staff will investigate in the week for you.

  • I get an error message from the client, but the browser player just continuously plays the flashing logo, or isn't even able to get that far, with no error message to be seen. Now that you mention it, my Java could need an update, not sure if I completed the last one. I'll try that and see how it goes, but that wouldn't exactly explain why one or two stations are still in working order, while the rest and any new ones are completely broken. I'll keep you posted on the status.

    By the way, the error I received from the client was "Our servers are temporarily overloaded"

  • Have you tried the desktop client as well?

  • Yes, that would be why I stated that I had, twice. Can someone please resolve this? I redownloaded and updated Java, so now I can think of no other variable

  • It was either fate or the Java download, but regardless, all stations once again work. Thank you to Babs for submitting a bit of actually helpful advice

  • I have discovered the problem, and this may be very important:

    While logged in to on my phone (Android app), does not work for my profile anywhere else. Additionally, when using a link in the Android (such as a link to another band in a band's bio), the radio generated from the link selected is not listed as recently played, as if it was never played at all.

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