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Not Loading

  • Not Loading

    For two days Last FM either not loading or plays for a few seconds then stops. It does play preview tracks though. Other stations like Live 265 playing normally

  • bengt_bangt said:
    Check this FAQ, and let us know if it helps: What can I do if the music player on the site doesn’t work at all for me?

    I have tried this and it still does not load. Just a continuous loop of "Andy Kershaw" which does not end. I can load another radio station, Live 265, and can get Last FM on another computer (Mac) but not with this Dell with Windows XP using Firefox. Once or twice it has started but cut out after a few seconds.

  • Nothing Loads

    I also have not been able to load any of my radios. The last fm script plays endlessly. The only thing that works is the preview song. Suggested fixes do not work

  • If it's still not working after going through the suggestions in the FAQ, please let us know your browser and OS and if you have the same problems with other browsers as well.

  • Still not working

    It is OK with Safari and Windows XP but either doesn't download or plays for up to 20 seconds then stops on Windows XP and Firefox.

  • So we know that it's an issue with Firefox. Are you maybe using any Addons that might block Javascript or Flash? AdBlock Plus or NoScript are usual suspects when it comes to this.
    Try to disable all addons and see if it works then.

  • add ons

    Disabled all add ones and tried again. No difference. If it makes a difference sometimes after it has played and the sound stops, the sound symbols are still moving as if playing.......

  • Babylon

    Also Firefox recently invaded by Babylon. I seem to have got rid of it visibly but who knows and would that affect Last FM ?

  • Same here

    Songs play for a couple of seconds and stop.. then start.... then stop etc, or radio doesn't load at all. Been having trouble for 2 days also. Thought it was my internet connection failing but all other sites seem to work fine. Using Google Chrome with up to date flash player + Vista.

  • Are you still having problems?

  • Fixed

    Seems to be playing ok here now. Thanks!

  • Still not playing

    No improvement. I can get Last on Safari but not Firefox. I had a problem with Babylon but I seem to have got rid of it. I cannot think of anything else to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Re installed windows

    Took computer to a shop and had Windows re installed. Still cannot get last on Firefox but can on Safari

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