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Fix the incorrect Spotify tags!!

  • Fix the incorrect Spotify tags!!


    Couldn't the crew do something to get rid of the incorrect Spotify tags?
    Basically, ALL tracks on Spotify are more or less incorrect ones, especially song titles that are suppost to have additional info in brackets.

    "Song Title - Remix Radio Edit" should in fact be "Song Title (Remix Radio Edit)" but for some strange reason, Spotify is replacing the brackets into a
    "blankstep - blankstep"

    This would be a great idea to come up with some kind of filter or something, that would react when users are scrobbling tracks from Spotify, and automatically replace the incorrect tag into correct one with brackets.

    It's quite annoying and tedious to request redirections for these tags all the time, especially when the crew is not having redirections on the priority list
    Also, Spotify is getting popular among the users and more users are scrobbling via Spotify instead of MP3-songs, so it would be a great idea to fix this to keep the stats/charts clean!

    • onno sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 mar 2012, 10:08
    Spotify states on their websites that they don't change tags, but that the labels that add their stuff to Spotify need to do so. So the best way is to spam/contact the labels directly. has no place in this discussion.

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