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Banned tracks still playing.

  • I thought I would give an update to this thread. It's been several months and the problem isn't showing up in the known problems thread. Here are a list of tracks that are listed as banned but continue to play on the My Station and Mix Station for both website and client:

    Mickey Avalon – So Rich, So Pretty
    Team Sleep – 11/11
    Team Sleep – Staring at the Queen
    The Album Leaf – Twentytwofourteen
    Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish
    Gorillaz – El Mañana
    Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.
    Steven Wright – Babies & Skiing
    Katy Perry – California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
    Katy Perry – E.T. (feat. Kanye West)
    Katy Perry – Who Am I Living For?
    Katy Perry – Hot N Cold
    Katy Perry – Firework
    Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
    Aqua – Live Fast Die Young
    Kidneythieves – Take a Train (Awakening)
    Kidneythieves – Zerøspace (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
    Kidneythieves – Placebø (Terminalhead remix)
    Kidneythieves – Spank (KMFDM remix
    Kidneythieves – Placebø
    Kidneythieves – Amnzerø
    Rozalla – Faith (In The Power Of Love)
    Rozalla – Are You Ready To Fly
    The Used – Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)
    The Used – All That I've Got
    Future Bible Heroes – I'm a Vampire
    Future Bible Heroes – i'm lonely (and i love it)
    Future Bible Heroes – Café Hong Kong
    CKY – Rio Bravo Remix
    Abney Park – The Secret Life of Dr. Calgori
    Abney Park – Chronograph
    Abney Park – Æther Shanty
    Abney Park – The Emperor's Wives
    Schoolyard Heroes – Attack Of The Puppet People (LP Version)
    Maria Bamford – "We Do Things a Little Differently Around Here"
    Maria Bamford – Baby Jesus
    Maria Bamford – Voicemail Non Sequiturs
    Maria Bamford – Saddest Place In the World
    Leandra – Lullaby
    The Birthday Massacre – Shallow Grave (Assemblage 23 Mix)
    The Birthday Massacre – Pale (Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn' Mix
    Creature Feature – A Corpse In My Bed
    The Bastard Fairies – The Greatest Love Song
    The Bastard Fairies – Memento Mori
    The Bastard Fairies – We're All Going to Hell
    Nightcore – I'll Dance Alone
    Shiny Toy Guns – Rainy Monday (Bimbo Jones Remix)
    Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko
    Shiny Toy Guns – Don't Cry Out (The Teenagers Remix)
    Sneaker Pimps – Waterbaby
    Sneaker Pimps – Flowers and Silence
    Unextraordinary Gentlemen – Mr. Soot's Little Black Book
    Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
    The Dresden Dolls – Mrs. O

  • Using mass tagger works on songs that won't get marked as banned which is shown via the track webpage. Wanting to ban a song requires clicking on the track, checking the track page to see if it's already banned, banning the track, refreshing the page to see if it's banned then banning it via mass tagger if it's not marked as banned.

  • Have you ever played any of these tracks ie. are there plays in your library?

  • Yes, I have removed some of them from my library to see if that would reduce their chances of playing. A majority of them have had several plays before being banned.

    Thank you very much for your reply. If you need any more information I'll try my best to provide it.

  • This is looking like the issue I may have mentioned somewhere before, that on tracks with recordings, that are corrected to a banned track, will still play. We're trying to work out a way to propagate those bans to the corrected tracks as well, however that's an intensive call so we're looking for more elegant solutions also.

  • I wasn't sure as the known issues page doesn't seem to mention it. I look forward to a solution to this problem. If I can be of help in anyway don't hesitate to ask.

  • This bug is really frustrating. Also, an option for banning complete artist would be more than helpful.

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