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every song last only 30 sec even in radio

  • every song last only 30 sec even in radio

    I , since this afternoon, every song i listen on last 30 sec, after it pass too another song, this even in radio...

    this is very anoying, have test this on my personal radio and on the soundrack tag radio, any clue on this ?

  • Please try updating the Flash player, or try listening via the desktop client.
    If you are still having problems please let us know your browser/operating system.

  • Had this problem intermitently for months

    I've been having this problem in both the websit AND the stand alone client since august, when I purchsed a membership. I have JUST experienced this in both Chrome and IE. My flash player is up to date.

    I occasionally am able to fix this (as I just did again) infini-skip issue by pressing "next" JUST before it tries to itself, this seems to break the loop, as if the button itself is stuck in the "down" position, and pressing it as it tries to trigger unsticks it... obviously that's not a programatic analogy, but I'm sure you'll figure it out, maybe there's just some issue with your method of delivering messages to your service, and it's stuck in a loop somehow.

    Redigerad av MammothMite den 14 dec 2011, 15:08

  • back to normal without any action from my side.
    As MammothMite say when it come it is on ANY application bind to

    so the web site, a android player, amarok, rhtymebox banshee ...

    server side i guess

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