• Summer tunes...

    11 jul 2008, 06:17 av fridge_buzz

    Well, summer is here and I'm perpetually in a busy/bored cycle and have let music fall by the wayside for a while. Which is strange considering the fact that there's a lot going on musically this summer.

    Actually, my lack of listening right now is self-imposed. Before I go to a concert, I like to not listen to the band I'm seeing for a given amount of time, usually a month, maybe a few weeks if I only sort of like them, or 2 months if I really love them (Radiohead?). This way, the songs at the concert sound as fresh and as exciting as the first time I ever heard them. My boyfriend does the same, I've learned from him. So right now, I'm on a Beck, Coldplay, Radiohead, Manu Chao moratorium.

    Coldplay for another week (concert July 18)
    Radiohead, Beck, Manu for another month and a half (August 22)

    Soon I may have to stop listening to Sigur Ros, Ratatat, and Calexico as well, if we go see them in Septemberish (different dates)....

  • On tickets, future shows, and accompaniment.

    1 mar 2008, 00:55 av fridge_buzz

    This year looks promising indeed. Radiohead on tour, Coldplay with a new album and tour, plus some old and new favorites on the road.

    After the letdown of the White Stripes non-concert last September, I've been hesitant about getting excited for shows. Now that it's 5 months later, I find that my bitterness is melting away little by little...especially with the prospects of what is to come.

    I've got tickets for Rogue Wave in SF and Death Cab for Cutie in Davis... but alas, no one to go with as of now. If only my friends were more like me (doesn't everyone feel that way?) I guess if all else fails I can scalp them (gasp)--commence the slipping away of good karma... I'd kill to have tickets for the Outside Lands Festival in SF this August...if only the festival would be officially recognized by its organizers; we all know it's going to happen, just announce it already!