Are you local?? We'll have NO fences here!! haha!!

  • Are you local?? We'll have NO fences here!! haha!!

    With or without the fence? That is the question... I've been lucky enough to experience both & can see the benefits & let downs of the fence, but - Bring it down - Tear it down!! Let's have it Old Skool & HAVE NO FENCE!!! Hell yeah!! :-) Pulp Massive Attack Moloko Stevie Wonder Rolf Harris PJ Harvey Spearhead Al Green Mad ProfessorIsaac Hayes The Chemical Brothers The xx Pet Shop Boys Tony Bennet Faithless Basement Jaxx

    • LCDBill sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 mar 2013, 19:42
    it would be chaos without the fence!

    If ignorance is bliss then I'm in
  • as long as there's no separate arena/camping areas i'm happy

  • If the fence came down, hundreds if not thousands of people would break in to the site. Then the festival would lose its licence and then no one gets to enjoy it so...

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