• Warped 2011

    8 aug 2011, 07:36 av lustaprimevista

    Sun 7 Aug – Vans Warped Tour 2011

    Warped Tour was a hot mess of people,bands, and the culture of Arizona music lovers from all around. I had not been to Warped Tour since 2006,today ended my 5 year streak. I don't feel like Ive been missing out. Many great bands sure....but I wanted more. I felt like the music was not the same nor the crowds.I still might consider next year but, the line up might have to entice me a bit more. Attack Attack!,Big Chocolate,Big D And The Kids Table,Black Square,Family Force Five,Less Than Jake,Lionize,The Expendables,Yelawolf were the main bands I enjoyed in the buzzing heat. Overall lovely time that returned me to some music roots.