Rooms @ Kutschers - Space to fill

  • Rooms @ Kutschers - Space to fill

    Since we're only a few months away, I figure now is a pretty good time to start stuff like this. Post in this discussion/keep it updated if you have spaces to fill at Kutschers so anyone looking can message you to get on board

  • NvM!

    Redigerad av deepSleeeeeep den 29 jul 2010, 02:13
  • Hi, I've got some beds available at Kutshers. There are folks on the fence and there is space for at least 4 more person. Let me know if you're interested, thanks.

    Edit: All beds are taken, thank you. See you all at Kutshers in September :)

    Redigerad av livingtobefree den 24 jul 2010, 17:49
    • lijj1 sa...
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    • 13 jul 2010, 21:05

    3pers room available at Raleigh

    have a 3 pers room available at Raleigh, anyone interested?

  • I have probably about 3-4 spaces in Kutschers that need filling up if anyone is interested send me a PM.
    EDIT: down to 2, 3 tops

    • pikawel sa...
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    • 16 aug 2010, 00:10

    I've also got spots... 3 of 'em in a 6 berth

    So far we've got three guys in the room. Only two of us know one another, heh. Collectively, we have no prior convictions. Actually, that might be true. I have no idea.!/heyash - There's not much to see if you're not a friend but I'll friend you so you can rifle through my stuff and find out I'm not creep.

    You obviously lack the creative genius to successfully integrate Legos and Duplos.
  • One space at Kutshers for solo traveler

    One of us can't make it anymore unfortunately, so I've got one bed available. Share with 2 boys and 3 girls from Australia/France/NYC/Tokyo visiting the states for ATP. Drop a line if you are interested ;)

    Edit: The room is now full. Can't wait :)

    Redigerad av livingtobefree den 25 aug 2010, 07:52
  • down to one spot max as well

  • One bed became empty again! :)

    Can't believe it's this weekend.

    Edit: Found a roommate. Thanks again. I'll fly over the Pacific Ocean soon ;) See you there!

  • One of my friends has 3 spots in his 6 person if anyone needs a last minute fix. Send a message and I'll give you his #

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