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Aug 3

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2010

Med Ancient Core, ChillInBerlin och 78 artister till på Dádpuszta


tisdag 3 augusti 2010söndag 8 augusti 2010


Ozora, Hungary


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Limited tickets: 75 €
Then: 90 €
@Venue: 100 €

Main Stage Live acts

Andromeda (Dreamvision media ) – SWE
Ace Ventura (Iboga Records) – ISR
Antidote (Neurobiotic Records) – FR
Atriohm (Parvati Records) - MAC
Blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Rec.) – FR
Burn in Noise (Alchemy Records) - BRA
California Sunshine (Ultiva Records) - ISR
Cosmo Circle (D-Djance Records) - PT
Dick Trevor (Nano Rec./Dragonfly/Flying Rhino) - UK
Dickster (Nano Records) - UK
Dark Side ( Winie – One Records) - H
Fearsome Engine (Nano Records) – UK
Green Nuns of Revolution (Flying Rhino ) – UK
Irgum Burgum (Psybaba Records) – HUN
Krama (Spin Twist Records) - GR
Liquid Soul ( Iboga Records) – CH
Logic Bomb (Solstice Music) – SWE
Mr. Peculiar (Sonic Dragon Records) – AUS
Man With No Name ( Dragonfly/TIP Records) – UK
Orestis (Tantrumm/Mighty Quinn Rec.) - GR
Pleiadians (Harmonia Records) – IT
Penta (AuraQuake Records) - RUS
Prometheus (Twisted Records) – UK
Protoculture (Nano Records) - ZA
Psykovsky (Tantrumm Records) - RUS
S>Range (Parabola Music) - SWE
Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE
Sun Control Species (Zenon Records/Iboga Rec.) – AUS
Shpongle (Twisted Records) LIVE IN CONCERT – UK
Sensifeel (Spin Twist Records) - FR
Sensient (Zenon Records) - AUS
Transwave (3D Vision Records ) – FR
Tristan (Nano Records/Twisted) – UK
U-Recken (Dooflex Records) - ISR
Union Jack (Platipus Records) - UK
Vibrasphere (Digital Structures/Tribal Vision) – SWE
Wizzy Noise (Harmonia Records) - GR
Xenomorph (System Shock Rec.) - GER
Younger Brother (Twisted Records) LIVE IN CONCERT – UK

Main Stage Dj sets

Alpha (Interzone.pa) – GER
Absolum (3d Vision) – FR
Christof (3D Vision ) - FR
Dimitri (T.I.P. World) - UK
Driss (Hadra Network) – FR
Doc (Harmonia Records) – GRE
Dick Trevor (Nano Records) – UK
Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records) – IT
Etnica dj set (EtnicaNet) – IT
Giuseppe (Parvati Records) – IT
Gorgo (Human Touch) – HUN
Jirzij (Irgum Burgum/Psybaba Records) – HUN
Kristian (Transient Records) – UK
Kraak (SpiralExit) – HUN
Laughing Buddha dj set ( Nano Records) – UK
L’Elf (Turbo Trance Records) – FR
Lucas (T.I.P. Records) – UK
Oleg (Deepsmile/Human Touch) – HUN
Peter Didjital (Digital Structures) – SWE
Ragen (Nano Records ) - UK
Sensifeel dj set (Spin Twist Records) - FR
Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) – UK
Slater (Tribal Vision Records) - CZ
Swarup (Universo Parallelo ) - BR
SubConciousmind (SCM ) - CH
Tsubi (Human Touch) – HUN

Chill Stage Live acts

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) - FR
Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR
Blue Planet Corporation (Flying Rhino Rec.) – FR
Cell (Ultimae Records) - FR
Carbon Based Lifeforms ( Ultimae Records) – SWE
Circular (Ultimae Records) - NO
H.U.V.A. Network (Ultimae Records) – FR/SWE
ChillinBerlin (Mindwaves music) – GER
Soul Surfer (Millennium Records) – SWE
Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE
Tripswitch (Interchill Records) - UK
Vibrasphere (Digital Structures/Tribal Vision) – SWE
Ancient Core (Cosmic Plazma) - RO
More to be announced !!!

Chill Stage Dj sets

Ott (Twisted Records)- UK
Nanda (Chillosophy Music) –C/SWE
Dave Arc-i (Brighton ) – UK
Iaindub (Something groovy) – UK
AddSimeon (Something groovy) – UK

More to be announced !!!

Lineup http://www.ozorafestival.eu/forum/showthread.php?t=547


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