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Feb 26

Louder Clouds

Med Delta Sleep, Plus Special Guests och 2 artister till på The WorkShop at RoadTrip Bar


Söndag 26 februari 201219:00


The WorkShop at RoadTrip Bar
243 Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY, United Kingdom

Tel.: 020 7253 6787


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Our little rockshop hosts another night of beautiful hybrid music not for the faint of heart or lazy!
Music that is hard to put into words, which is surely the best kind of music there is innit! Mass ive! Just massive. Big soundscapes and beautiful details, some vocals and trippy visuals....really really good bands. that is all!....

For fans of Radiohead, Deerhoof, Mars Volta, At the Drive-In...

~ Delta Sleep ~
( )

~ Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson ~
( )

~ Etiquette ~
( )

& Special Guests


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