• Metamorphosis 16-6-11

    20 jun 2011, 19:33 av kingsbeef

    Thu 16 Jun – Ravi Shankar: Celebrating his 10th Decade An Evening of Ragas

    I took my parents to see Ravi Shankar as a present. My knowledge of Indian classical music could not even be called rudimentary, but on reputation alone and the few pieces I had heard over the years I was eager to hear. The free concert notes given to everybody contained the following quote:
    "Ravi Shankar has brought me a precious gift and through him I have added a new dimension to my experience of music. To me, his genius and his humanity can only be compared to that of Mozart's." Yehudi Menuhin. Quite possibly the greatest endorsement I have ever heard but after this concert I can clearly see exactly what Yehudi Menuhin meant.

    The concert began very gently with Ravichandra Kulur (flute), Pirashanna Thevarajah (mridangam) and a female accompanist (apologies for not remembering her name) performing a piece before the great man joined them with Tanmoy Bose (tabla) and Parimal Sadaphal (sitar and long-term pupil). …