• Bon Jovi Fan Forever!

    11 jul 2011, 07:11 av tastemy_music

    Sun 10 Jul – Bon Jovi la Bucuresti
    You can bet I am (a fan forever). They just won my heart last night. I can't believe they started their show just in time. This means to be a professional, AC/DC started the concert at the fixed time as well, and many others... compared to Guns'n'Roses who didn't have a trace of respect for their audience... But those from Bon Jovi are so great, the sound was far better than GnR's... and they still began the concert at 8:00. Truly professional. Those who sang in the opening (Stillborn) were pretty good as well.

    Apart from being such a great guy, Jon Bon Jovi is an even greater singer. They sang all the well-known hits (except for Blaze of Glory) -- but considering that the concert lasted 3 hours (wow!!)... what more can you ask for? My favourite part was "Bad Medicine", "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Twist and Shout" from the end. It was so nice to hear them sing a Beatles song, I danced my heart away on it. :D