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En: Electro swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with house production techniques, with influences from other forms of EDM. Contemporary artists of the genre incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the swing, jazz and big band era. Welcome to http://vk.com/electroswingmusic


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  • Аватар для HolyandFallen
    @dryaoi, are people still scamming themselves with the so called "nu-" genres?
  • Аватар для Riizel
    Electro-swing is my new kind of music taste ♥
  • Аватар для KingFahtah
    Electro swing has a catchier sound to it
  • Аватар для dryaoi
    its called electronic nu-jazz
  • Аватар для dryaoi
    electroswing isnt a fucking genre holy shit
  • Аватар для kriooo
    Welcome to Russian Electro Swing music blog http://www.fb.com/ElectroSwing.ru
  • Аватар для Matroskina
    Fun fun fun
  • Аватар для AmMoKk
    Love it! Best Party Musik!
  • Аватар для vaxer00
  • Аватар для black_gaze

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