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Veil of Maya - американская группа, играющая в стиле Progressive Deathcore. Группа основана в 2004 году, в Oak Park, Illinois. Название группы взято из одноимённой пьесы Джорджа Уильяма Рассела. В 2006 году у группы выходит дебютный альбом All Things Set Aside под лейблом Corrosive Recordings.

В 2008 году, заключив контракт с Sumerian Records, группа записывает второй альбом The Common Man's Collapse, а в…


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  • New album is sick and all their records kick ass.
  • also lol @bassius pretending that Fallujiah and newer Faceless isn't literally just older VOM without breakdowns, and pretending that the newest Faceless album was worth listening to
  • matriarch is reaaaaaally good, those cleans are actually sick
  • The heavy parts on Matriarch are some of my favorite bits the band has done. But the clean vocals kind of ruin it for me. Just a personal preference i guess, but it sounds like the stuff i listened to back in highschool. Teeny bopper metalcore
  • I always listened to this band, but I never was the biggest fan of these guys until I heard the new vocalist. Now I really think they have become one of my favorite bands.
  • Matriarch is amazing <3
  • Drumming is great.
  • cleans are great. definitely one of the steadiest albums of this year
  • Tr00 Metalhead drama aside, I love Matriarch as well. Honestly, I thought Veil Of Maya were in need of a different direction with their music, as Eclipse, while a good album, wasn't on the same level as The Common Man's Collapse and [Id]. I'm sure you can argue that the band could have went elsewhere without clean vocals, but you know, I really like them in their music. They add a new dynamic to their music and gives their sound a breath of fresh air. The new vocalist is a definite keeper. [This shout was formed via a message in the sand.]
  • Does that dude do nothing else but search for random metalcore bands and talk shit? lol

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