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Suffokate - американская дэткор-группа из Окленда, Калифорния. Сформировавшись в 2003 году, группа сменила множество гитаристов и басистов, пока в 2004 году к ней не присоединились Брей Алмини (недавно покинувший Antagony) и Крис Стори (затем перешедший в All Shall Perish).

Свой первый полноформатный альбом "Oakland" они записали с Zach Ohren. Релиз состоялся в январе 2005 года и был быстро…


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  • IMHO das beste band aus den USA
  • Музыка для жопотраха
  • look the tags ''beatdown'' lmao hahahahahaha
  • "Don't kid yourself, it's trendcore. It's not metal, so what ever you're implying it's changing to" Why is it relevant that it's not real Metal as long as it's real Trendcore? If there's true and untrue Metal, then there's obviously true and untrue Trendcore. Any actual adult with a genuine appreciation for music from a composition/songwriting standpoint will tell you that.
  • loool, fucking poser with poser black metal avatar, lol) get the fucking out from this shout,
  • @Alexeushka Why do you keep writing everywhere, this thing? You know what, I think you are the trve poser 'cause act like that. There is no "true metal" son, and stop gaying.
  • lol, guys who listen true metal, like death or black, you are fucking posers, if you dont like deathcore genre get the fucking out from here with your true metal, fuck you, fucking posers!
  • Hi people check my band : Reign of Evil from chile (Melodic Death Metal, Techdeath, Deathcore) for fans of : The Black Dahlia Murder, At the Gates, Rose Funeral, Carnifex, At The Gates, Ignominious Incarceration, Conducting From the grave, Despised Icon.etc DOWNLOAD FREE https://reignofevildeathmetal666.bandcamp.com/releases https://reignofevildeathmetal666.bandcamp.com/releases
  • Return To Despair, прекрасная композиция.
  • Don't kid yourself, it's trendcore. It's not metal, so what ever you're implying it's changing to, isn't even relevant for comparison to other metal genres. Listening to music based what's relevant to everyone else, suggests they are playing too large a role in how you go about doing your own thinking. In any case, I think deathcore is one of the most hideously stagnant, generic, utterly banal and repetitive exploitations, there's no discerning which band is which, it's sweet mediocrity doing what it has always done best, monetized.

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