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The Prophet's Song (8:22)

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Queen - The Prophet's Song: текст песни


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  • Great guitar riffs!
  • It is so perfect i almost cant believe it
  • Great song! This album and Queen 2 are their most prog albums.
  • Ah Ah, children of the land, Love is still the answer, take my hand... For real, this time? Not that I want to say anything bad about Queen. Not at all. But I *would* like to be able to believe in that promise of a better world. Just this once. You all know what I mean.
  • This is just about the single greatest thing I've ever heard. I first heard it only a little over 24 hours ago and now it has a super high amount of plays for a song so long. I've never been so quick to Love a song before.
  • Incredibly underrated song. Probably my favourite of all time. [3]
  • Incredibly underrated song. Probably my favourite of all time. [2]
  • Progressive? Rock? Really?
  • So good. I especially love the canon part with only Freddie's voice. Then Brian's guitar kicks in. Awesome.

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