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Some people are destined to be an artist. Masters of Hardcore’s gorgeous Miss K8 was born in Kiev Ukraine and has been passionate about hard EDM since she first started to listen to music. The very first day she saw deejays play, perform and interact in the Kiev clubs she chose her path and she instantly knew the stage was her domain. As time passed she noticed that she got more and more… подробнее

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  • Аватар для Scarafax
    Most of her songs are produced by Angerfist... my fav DJ. But i don't give a f*ck... love the music and i rather look at that sweet hot chick then a guy with a mask.
  • Аватар для Klotzbear
    the first 10 times you listen to her, it absolutly rocks but then it just sounds the same every time.
  • Аватар для Syndicate_HC
    RUSSIAN / UKRANIAN HARDCORE POWER 4 LIFE ! Huge Respect From Russia !
  • Аватар для ZombiePsyche
    "Tits are selling. She has nothing to do with quality!" ²
  • Аватар для IAmTheClaw
    Certainly nothing special or unique, but far from bad.
  • Аватар для Noize_Creator
    Tits are selling. She has nothing to do with quality!
  • Аватар для Sanekgad
    Всё как положено, отличная музыка ! Подожди, это только начало !!! (с)
  • Аватар для Bouncebread
    Was great on Emporium last weekend.

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