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Ofir 31 y.o, is the initiator, editor and the host of the show "Kamasutrance" for the last 10 years, With experience of years in working in front of audience in parties, clubs, weddings and Bar-Mitsvas, Ofir has acquired the ability to "feel" his audience, and can give them what they want. And even to create the next hit.

Astrix Hypersonic, Gataka, , Psydrop, , Yahel, Ananda Shake, Vibe tribe, Pstcraft, Beat Hackers, Faders , Bizzare Contact, Spade Cyber Cartel, Audiotec, Dark Soho… подробнее

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  • Аватар для dziewczyna39
    wow. they have a catchy name, they should be more popular!
  • Аватар для t1nkers
  • Аватар для rotto123
    i wish i was on his gig :( DOES HE PLAY IN EUROPE?!
  • Аватар для Michinio
    God.. I've heard Ran Gi La, at party yesterday!!! u know, some breakbeat set was ended, and another DJ, turn off, bass, middle and left only that voice... GOOOOOOOOOD, I KNOW WHAT HEAVEN IT IS NOW!!

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