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История этого коллектива началась в 1994 году в немецком городе Гёттингене, где вместе играли друзья - басист Стефан Уде, ударник Деннис Пошватта и гитарист Хеннинг Реминепп. Никто про них и не знал, и возможно они так бы и остались в безвестности, не зайди парни как-то в бар, в котором работала Сандра Насич. После изрядного употребления пива компания начала распевать песни, и так хорошо у них это получалось, что Сандра тоже к ним присоединилась. Тут настала очередь удивляться парням, т.к. им… подробнее

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  • Just one which i not like max with "SHE'S A KILLE" is this electronic synth instead of crazy hi - guitar riff. Beside this - perfect
  • "She's a killer" is amazing i can listen again and again same as "Dick" "GOGAN" WE USE THE PAIN" "SUZIE" "CROSSING THE DEADLINE" these tracks are so freaky genius.
  • Just speak to your experiment by music and bomber sound should appear.
  • GUANO APES - my ears very ok. Your first two albums amazing musical ideas like system of a down experiments - please, please. Continue experiments with fast sounds and dynamic. You rock. I like honestly from last two albums only track she's a killer cause it's dynamic track other i did not find this scratch of experiment and dynamics which i love at first two albums. Gimmie gimmie gimmie
  • You rocked in Romania, agian! <3 Hope to see and sing with you again!
  • Норм, но это название...
  • Proud Like a God > Don't Give Me Names > Bel Air > Walking On A Thin Line > Offline [2] PLAG is still their best album. Too bad about the second to last song, the overlong and boring "Tribute".
  • @40belowsummer: Sorry, it is just your lame opinion.
  • Guano Apes until 2003 were really good, but they should have called it quits forever and don't come back with this lame ass attend to cash in some more money out of the name of Guano Apes. They don't sound anything close to their first three albums anymore and their live attempt on Rock Am Ring was a shocking evidence that they don't have it anymore what it takes to be Guano Apes, but everyone who listened to Sandra Nasic's solo album should have known what the new Guano Apes will sound like, boring half assed pop rock, there is nothing outstanding left anymore.
  • Didn't care that much for ''Offline''. I'm much more curious for her sophomore solo record.

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