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Эннио Морриконе родился 10 ноября 1928 года в семье профессионального джазового трубача Марио Морриконе и домохозяйки Либеры Ридольфи, он был старшим из 5 детей. Когда Эннио исполнилось 9 лет, он поступил в консерваторию Святой Сецилии в Риме, где проучился в общей сложности 11 лет, получив 3 диплома: по классу трубы в 1946 году, по классу оркестра (фанфар) в 1952 и по классу композиции в 1953.

Когда Эннио исполнилось 16 лет, он занял место второй трубы в ансамбле Альберто Фламини, в… подробнее

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  • My favorite of the scores Morricone did for Sergio Leone is For a Few Dollars More. Lots of interesting stuff going on in that one.
  • @pretentiousbit It sure is. The whole score is one of Morricone's best in many years and that piece in particular is its pinnacle. The Oscars are largely a sham but even still they are regarded highly in the movie world so I hope this is the year the Maestro finally wins one. God knows it's long overdue.
  • Maybe i even do not watch the movie to not break my imagination about tracks on this ost. XD
  • For me this music could be even image for some sci-fi dark movie scenes without words and showing too much.
  • amazing. i didnt watch movie but listening ost tracks again and again and explore. Some emotions and scenes in ost are so intense like in thing movie - some are magical and storytelling pieces. I cant stop listening it's like watching some big images piece by piece.
  • holy shit l'ultima diligenza di red rock is simply epic
  • The genius of the Hateful Eight Soundtrack by Morricone is its simplicity and eerily suggestive feel that connects with the movie scenery.
  • The first song in The Hateful Eight is amazing, as well as the song in the scene where they're hammering stakes in the blizzard - THE TENSION!
  • I was amazed by H8 intro ....NO REALLY I WAS SITTING IN THE THEATRE AND SHITTING MY PANTS... Great job Ennio

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