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Эннио Морриконе родился 10 ноября 1928 года в семье профессионального джазового трубача Марио Морриконе и домохозяйки Либеры Ридольфи, он был старшим из 5 детей. Когда Эннио исполнилось 9 лет, он поступил в консерваторию Святой Сецилии в Риме, где проучился в общей сложности 11 лет, получив 3 диплома: по классу трубы в 1946 году, по классу оркестра (фанфар) в 1952 и по классу композиции в 1953.



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  • Your music save my life!
  • greatest of all time
  • It's a shame so many only know his (admittedly great) work from the films of Sergio Leone; his scores for Dario Argento's films are all outstanding, as are many of his lesser known Italian gangster film scores and stuff like The Thing, White Dog, Exorcist II: The Heretic (one of my absolute favorites), Orca, etc., is all tremendous. Really an artist whose greatness is multiplied many times over the deeper you dig into his extensive catalog.
  • I cant really explain what I owe to his music. Not just because I love the most of the film for for which he compose. Because his OST his pure genius, love and emotional. Deborah's Theme is for me the most beautiful "soundtrack" song that I ever heard. I love Sergio Leone, I TRULY love Once Upon Time in America. But without Morricone is wasn't never been the same thing. And when I saw the Maestro in live concert here, in Bologna, It was one of the best night of my life. Thanks, THANKS. Thousand time thank you.
  • One of the greatest film composers of all time. Can't wait to hear his score for The Hateful Eight.
  • One of the greatest masters of movie soundtracks
  • Just confirmed to score The Hateful Eight.
  • master!
  • Just simply the greatest movie composer of all time!

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