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Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) — английская группа из Шеффилда, Йоркшир, основанная в 2004 году пятью участниками других групп. Они исполняли музыку в стиле, который является смесью дэт-метала и металкора (также известный как дэткор) на своём первом альбоме. Но последний альбом имеет более эклектичный стиль, совмещая в себе элементы пост-хардкора, электроники, а так же металкора.

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  • Oh. and happy B day Oli!
  • These guys are still my favorite band. Really disappointed with the new album, but it's not really bad. They're great at whatever musical style they attempt. And Oli says the next album is not going to sound like That's The Spirit either. If you pay attention, none of their albums have been in the same genre really. They always try something new. We've just been lucky that, until recently, they had always stuck in some way or another to the hardcore/metal genre. All of their albums are good. But TTS is probably the weakest. Still love some of the songs like Doomed, Happy Song and Follow You. If all the songs had been that good, then TTS would have been a masterpiece just like their last two.
  • Happy Brithday Oli!
  • kek
  • I actually liked these twats in 2013 and listened to them so frequently back then that they still remain in my top ten artists. I want to die.
  • @mrcl00: fucking fabulous or sth? :D
  • my fav band <3
  • There is a Hell was their musical peak, it does suck that they deviated from that sound quickly though they are truly on their own trajectory as a band. Who knows where they'll be in another 5 years.
  • @mrcl00: Lol wtf
  • I confess I had my prejudices with the band there in 2008/2010. But I confess that this new album is fucking my little brothers.

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