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Blackthorn — symphonic black gothic metal band from Moscow, Russia, fully and beautifully female-completed. Filled with dark romanticism, music of Blackthorn represents a cocktail from black, symphonic and gothic metal, forming thus an interesting combination with haunting melodies, ethereal academic vocal and various types of growling and screaming.

Line-up: Aina, Stray Away Cantatrice — soprano/scream Elvira, Six String Alchemida — guitars, growl, music, keys/samples Greta, Adust Anomic Suicide — bass Varaska, Mortiferous Winter Blastphemy — drums Less, Midnight Obscurant Violince - violin

Discography 2007… подробнее

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  • Mexican Blackthorn=true Blackthorn. Not this gay ass russian scum.
  • Там мужской голос тоже есть немного))
  • Не верится, что гроул в композиции "Necromance" - женский.
  • Ждем новый альбом))
  • Yeah man, good stuff. lol at the russian broads tho.
  • The Rotten Ways Of Human Misery \m/
  • BME1982, сейчас не война, ура, пиши на русском, спасибо.
  • Great cover of Sister September
  • I'm not usually one of those jerks complaining about "the real (insert name)" but I found it funny to find... "this" on the page of one of my personal death metal highlights from mexico

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