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A screenshot of the new Last.fm app in Spotify.

Last.fm for Spotify

How do you choose what to play next when you could listen to anything? Use Last.fm for Spotify and find out in seconds.

Get recommendations and playlists based on the music you listen to. Whether you're new to Last.fm or a long-time scrobbler with dozens of loved tracks, you’ll get great recommendations straight away.

Listen on demand to music we think you’ll love based on the music you play. What’s more, you can build playlists with just one click and effortlessly share them with friends.


  • Recommendations based on the music you listen to
  • Instant access to your favourite albums
  • Your recent loved tracks
  • One-click playlists for your recommendations
  • One-click playlists of your fifty most recently loved tracks
  • Rich artist information and images from Last.fm
  • Seamless integration with new and existing Last.fm profiles

So if you’re wondering what to listen to next, get the Last.fm app for Spotify now.

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