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A group for soundamus users.

New and upcoming music releases from the artists you listen to

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  • penumbra_girl

    album-info по смыслу похож на Soundamus. Поддерживает импорт из библиотеки lastfm. rss там тоже есть.

    4 Июл 2015 Ответить
  • travbrad2

    Muspy works well for me. It misses a new album on rare occasions, but so did Soundamus. Both seem to catch 99% of new albums for me.

    7 Мар 2015 Ответить
  • Scoober_NL

    still down... :( and no good alternative

    12 Янв 2015 Ответить
  • AliceSnowhite

    I missed so much releases because it down now....

    7 Дек 2014 Ответить
  • Thingol_E

    Could someone explain what is going on ? Soundamus is too far usefull to be down for any reason ! Please come back !

    26 Окт 2014 Ответить
  • cliffhays37

    Appears to be down again, at least for the past 2 days.

    21 Окт 2014 Ответить
  • Gakkienl

    Glad it is working again!

    19 Окт 2014 Ответить
  • Aleck_Zi

    I haven't been using Soundamus that frequently, but now when it's gone, I really miss it.

    8 Окт 2014 Ответить
  • Gakkienl

    Still can't get to Soundamus. Permanently down, or ... ?!?

    8 Окт 2014 Ответить
  • softlord

    Yay it seems to be back!

    26 Сен 2014 Ответить
  • DJAzrael

    Does anyone know anything new about Soundamus? I really miss it a lot! :(

    17 Сен 2014 Ответить
  • Demonice

    I love soundamus! Hope it's not gone forever now :'(

    15 Сен 2014 Ответить
  • travbrad2

    Muspy is a decent alternative. It does miss a new album once in awhile but for the most part it works great. I was using both Soundamus and Muspy up until now just to make sure I didn't miss anything, but it seems Soundamus has been down for at least a week now.

    14 Сен 2014 Ответить
  • rpsx

    is it gone for good now? i hope not. i checked once a week. is there an alternative? i can't believe still hasn't figured out how useful this could be. seriously, used it almost every other week for years!

    9 Сен 2014 Ответить
  • AVtime

    Thank you SO much for this!! I just found out about this service and have been craving something like it for, literally, years. That it's free amazes me, I would happily pay/donate, no joke. Sondamus needs more publicity imo -- and that's a good thing! =D Added a quick filter feature request to the improvement thread.

    21 Авг 2014 Ответить
  • softlord

    Appears to be down :(

    26 Май 2014 Ответить
  • Sabretou

    Soundamus = amazingness. Bonus suggestion: Can we have in the sources list?

    29 Июл 2012 Ответить
  • antonjw

    just adding my appreciation. Soundamous -> RSS -> Google Reader -> Flipboard for iPad -> (selectively) Pocket (formerly Read It Later) -> (manually) Spotify Playlists (when released). Pretty awesome way to discover new music via my artists. Haven't been this on top of new music since my early 20s...

    28 Апр 2012 Ответить
  • Demonice

    thanks for adding bandcamp! :D

    31 Мар 2012 Ответить
  • adamsp70

    This thing is fab - just what i wanted! Why is it so obscure - only found it by someone recommending it deep down in a forum thread. No facebook group either?

    19 Май 2011 Ответить
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