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You're about 17. You're hardcore as ALL HELL. And if there is one thing you just don't have time for, it is fucking, smoking and drinking. You're STRAIGHT EDGE! You're smarter than everybody else...

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  • Gematriax

    @giltheninja You're a dickbag. Why the fuck do "edge kids" need to give themselves a name and go on about how it's a lifestyle? People that do drugs don't call themselves "drug kids" and go parading around looking down on people who don't do drugs. Being a straight edge kid is just being a pretentious little cunt. If you don't do drugs, sweet as. You don't need to act like you're special and give yourself a specific name because of that.

    13 Ноя 2011 Ответить
  • Zamboner

    Sure is 12 in here

    8 Мар 2011 Ответить
  • giltheninja

    Drugs ruin people, and the fact that edge makes you guys get so defensive just proves that you're insecure about the fact that you're slaves to your vices. I never claimed to be better than anyone. But if you hold someone staying clean against them you're a fucking idiot. Just because you choose to throw your life away doesn't make you better than an edge kid. Also, edge kids generally want a meaningful relationship. Some are abstinent, but plenty have sex if they want to. Straight edge is about being poison free. You shouldn't feel threatened by that. I won't tell a druggie I'm better than them, but will I look down on them for being an addict? You can bet your fucking ass I will. That's human nature. Every last one of us judges someone if they make decisions we're against. BUT if you come to an edge scene and try to start shit with one of us, you can bet their crew will fuck you up. Pull this shit in Boston and we'll see how much of pussies edge kids are.

    19 Фев 2011 Ответить
  • fuckbitches182

    "Still drug free, for myself. Still drug free, for no one else" - Casey Jones

    8 Фев 2011 Ответить
  • OxayotlTheGreat

    I don't take drugs, I don't drink alcohol (I mean, it's not like a rule, it's that I don't like the taste of it. I don't have a problem with take a very few to please people, but I never take much), I don't smoke, and I don't have sex. But since I'm not very much into hardcore (I love hardcore folklore, but never taking it seriously. It's so funny to masquerade as a though guy :⋅D.), and I don't consider myself superior to other because of it, I think I don't qualify as a guy you want to kill (I'm SO relieved !). I'm only extremely superior to all of you because I'm vegan :⋅D.

    17 Апр 2010 Ответить
  • RadioheadFACE


    9 Ноя 2009 Ответить
  • RadioheadFACE

    id hate regular se kids as a matter of fact I dont date girls that get fucked up in neway other than drinking & smoking. What I do hate is the ones that try 2 throw it in ur face "I'm straight edge so I'm better than u" perfect example. I c se kids like I c gays guys do u FAR away from me dont put it in peoples faces and were good =] "now out the clear blue sky I cant deny, not a DAY goes by dont get high DONT ASK WHY" -Kurupt young gotti-

    9 Ноя 2009 Ответить
  • allancoote

    absolute hilarity

    8 Ноя 2009 Ответить
  • koreannc

    hahahhhah ..... hateeeers !!! drink as much as you want !!! i wont sink to your level : P

    31 Июл 2009 Ответить
  • PolyKed

    I'm sxe.I drink non-alco beer and fuck rubber women.That's so straight.

    15 Июл 2009 Ответить
  • TheIbanezGuy

    I use a straight edge to make lines, then i snort them :P

    20 Май 2009 Ответить
  • joeyedge

    straight edge means i'm better than you

    19 Апр 2009 Ответить
  • askatasunak

    "I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and fuck my head" I´m Straight Edge, is a personal choice only

    16 Апр 2009 Ответить
  • kylelikescoffee

    My mom told me to take Nyquil last night so I could sleep with my cold, but I told her "Bitch, I'm edge, I don't need your drugs".

    21 Ноя 2008 Ответить
  • rakiacore

    sxe and dead :) fuck sxe

    6 Сен 2008 Ответить
  • deepfriedbrain

    why is it ignorant to choose to explore substances if you so desire? the ignorant ones are those who see all substances as one dimensional without ever thinking about what kind of experience they could offer the user... if you learned about the power of chemicals... not to mention realized how many chemicals you intake every day, you wouldn't go around calling people ignorant

    18 Авг 2008 Ответить
  • birdf

    sXe and proud, also! :)

    21 Июл 2008 Ответить
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