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The Last.fm Guide To Mosh Pit Etiquette

Mosh pits are messy and violent and aggressive. But that's not all they are. There's also a well-defined code of conduct underneath the chaotic surface. It's not all elbows to the head after all! Last.fm went to This is Hardcore Fest in Philadelphia to investigate the core principles that guide the scene and just how much it means to the disenfranchised young people that flock to it. We spoke with bands and fans alike and discovered a vibrant community that's become increasingly diverse and inclusive, something hardcore hasn't historically been well known for. Check out our video above and learn everything you never knew about mosh pit etiquette.

Be sure to check out all our other footage from This Is Hardcore below, including interviews with Zao, Eternal Sleep and Code Orange, as well.

Our friends at Hate5Six filmed the entire festival so you can watch the entirety of each band's set, as well as prior sets from past years of HXC fest.

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