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  • Avatar de tb_lvlup
    this music will take you into the deepest space without the illicit drugs
  • Avatar de LeCoinNawak
    The Residents are trippy in a weird, delicious way.
  • Avatar de wacreans
    Wa Creans is Japanese music label. I recommend my label artists. Sounds like: abstract, soundscape, trip hop, jazz, Japanese picturesque scenery & rhythm. Relax and enjoy.
  • Avatar de earthtoground
    "outrageous bloody guitar freak-outs by modern day krautrockers" Download available @ Bandcamp!
  • Avatar de watchintv
    across the universe lol
  • Avatar de Frenx
    Have a listen to psychedelic lo-fi rock :)
  • Avatar de MrKillerNine
    WTF?? Skrillex????? is Trippy WOW!!!! he doesn't deserve 2 be up there.
  • Avatar de fredlol
    mfw skrillex
  • Avatar de sonicflorian
    Skillex? Listening to that shit on a psychedelic is a sure way to have a bad trip. It's horrible enough sober
  • Avatar de dim3trodon
    Gorillaz????)) [4] More Massive Attack!
  • Avatar de Smash0Czech Check this out, psychedelic video to Post-Dubstep tune by Seven Teeth Of Saturn (Redding,CA)
  • Avatar de AstroSnacks
    Gorillaz....? Trippy??? I don't think so! LOL
  • Avatar de ZosoGravity
    Gorillaz? LOL
  • Avatar de KaramAkerfeldt
    Some of Gorillaz' songs are fucking trippy, actually.
  • Avatar de rewinddude
    the beatles aren't trippy? did you see the yellow submarine movie? LSDDDD
  • Avatar de glentennis
    less animal collective more boards of canada [2]
  • Avatar de Kswell
    Check out [artist]JustLikeAmmy[/artist]! All their music is free and it's pretty creative and different....takes an open mind.
  • Avatar de le_dzedaj
    Gorillaz???? (3)
  • Avatar de BeetleJuice1993
    Gorillaz????)) [2]
  • Avatar de FrrrAiL
  • Avatar de Urbanov
    But The (F)laming Lips are Trippy? Nice joke.
  • Avatar de kandelabra
    Let's agree on that - the Beatles are not trippy at all.
  • Avatar de helloronii
    less beatles, too. I love them but they're not as trippy as you can get.
  • Avatar de drthatguy
    less animal collective more boards of canada

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